In addition to the two posters that are currently in an eBay auction, I've gotten a lot of requests for the remaining autographed posters that I have, regardless of the condition.  I have these 6 posters, each in number (in my opinion) of imperfection.  1 being the best, 6 having the most imperfections.

Posters are all hand-signed by Hellyeah, including Vinnie Paul and Chad Gray.  


This sale is for THIS poster in the photo listed in the photo and the title of this item.  Please view images in closeup to inspect.



Unframed.  Note that the shot glasses shown in the photo are to hold the poster down for photos.  They are not covering up any imperfections. Has a rip down the top left about 2-3" long along with edge wear on the left

HY NYE Autographed Poster #5